The 71st JSCC Conference

Poster presentation / Symposium: Sep. 16 (Thu), 2021 (Online), Oral presentation / Award Lecture: Sep. 17 (Fri) -19 (Sun), 2021 (Online), The oral presentations, symposiums, and award-winning lectures will be streamed to participants after the conference. Host / Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Co-host / The Chemical Society of Japan

General information

The 71st Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry
Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry
The Chemical Society of Japan
Sep. 16 (Thu), 2021 (Poster sessions and Symposia)
17 (Fri) -19 (Sun) (Oral sessions, Seminars and Award lectures)
Online event

Presentation application, abstract submission, and registration

Visit Abstract Submission and Registration of the MENU list.

Information to join the conference

Electronic abstracts, an abstract search engine, entrances to oral and poster presentation sites, and on-demand video sites after each session will be accessible from a site built on Dropbox. After the registration, participants will be sent an invitation e-mail from the JSCC secretariat to access the Dropbox site with a password. Please be aware that the preparation of the invitation will require days after the registration.


Deadline for the title and abstract submission: 
Jul. 5 (Mon), 2021 Jul. 16 (Fri), 2021 Jul. 26 (Mon), 2021
Deadline for the Conference registration:  
Jul. 30 (Fri), 2021
Deadline for the Money Transfer:  
Aug. 6 (Fri), 2021. Postal transfer and PayPal are acceptable.


A: Syntheses and Characterization of Coordination Compounds
B: Geometrical and Electronic Structures of Coordination Compounds
C: Reactions of Coordination Compounds
D: Organometallic Compounds
E: Coordination Compounds related to Bioinorganic Chemistry
F: Functionalities and Applications of Coordination Compounds

General meeting and Banquet

The general meeting and award ceremony: 15:30 -, Sep. 14 (Tue), 2021

  Time & Date: 18:00 - 20:00, Sep.19 (Sun) (tentative)
  *The accurate start time will be announced after the deadline of the presentation application.
  Venue: Online(Remo)
  Fee: Free (Bring drinks and snacks on your own.)
  Registration: Click on here (Aug. 2 - Sep. 16)
  *An invitation e-mail will be sent to the registrants at a later date.
  Contact: Hiroyuki Matsuzaka and Shin Takemoto (   

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Organizing Committee
Symposium Chair: Hiroshi Nakajima (Osaka City University)
Secretary-General: Yusuke Yamada (Osaka City University)
Phone: +81-(0)6-6605-2546