The 71st JSCC Conference

Poster presentation / Symposium: Sep. 16 (Thu), 2021 (Online), Oral presentation / Award Lecture: Sep. 17 (Fri) -19 (Sun), 2021 (Online), The oral presentations, symposiums, and award-winning lectures will be streamed to participants after the conference. Host / Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Co-host / The Chemical Society of Japan


Notes for participants

When logging in to Zoom and Remo, participants are sure to change the display name to their real name and affiliation (e.g., Sakutai Taro (Institute for Molecular Science)).
The participants are also requested to agree to prevent the following items when participating in the conference. The executive committee may disqualify a participant who violates them from the conference.

  1. Acts of recording and saving (including screen capturing) any presentation contents
  2. Disclosure of presentation contents to third parties by posting them on SNS, etc., or redistributing videos
  3. Acts that the executive committee deems inappropriate, such as obstructing presentations

Methods for presenters and audiences

A PDF document is available for an overview of how to present and attend the online presentation.
Overview of presentation and attendance methods

Access to session sites (Zoom and Remo)

Please enter from the Dropbox site. An invitation letter sent by e-mail from the JSCC secretariat after the registration will guide you to the site.

To oral presenters

Zoom Meeting is a unique method to enter oral presentation sessions. The speakers must complete connection to the appropriate session site of Zoom Meeting within 20min before staring the session.

To poster presenters

Remo Conference is the platform of poster presentations in this conference. Participants of the poster sessions should refer a presentation and attendance document below. The speakers must complete connection to the appropriate booth of Remo Conference within 30min before staring the session.
→ Presentation and attendance document for Remo Conference (in Jpn and Eng)

The Remo document will be available after the conference program has been decided.
Now availableļ¼

To Audiences

There are two modes to attend oral presentations including symposia and seminors and award lectures: Zoom Meeting (live distribution) and on-demand viewing after each session. Either mode is accessible from the Dropbox site. At Zoom Meeting, the attendance to sessions is real-time, and audiences can ask questions to speakers. The maximum number of simultaneous participants is 300 in a session site.
 On-demand viewing is like "watching a recorded program." The distribution is session-by-session and can be viewed 24 hours a day, at your convenience, for two weeks after eack session. Poster presentations are for real-time viewing only and the participation is by Remo Conference.

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Organizing Committee
Symposium Chair: Hiroshi Nakajima (Osaka City University)
Secretary-General: Yusuke Yamada (Osaka City University)
Phone: +81-(0)6-6605-2546