The 71st JSCC Conference

Poster presentation / Symposium: Sep. 16 (Thu), 2021 (Online), Oral presentation / Award Lecture: Sep. 17 (Fri) -19 (Sun), 2021 (Online), The oral presentations, symposiums, and award-winning lectures will be streamed to participants after the conference. Host / Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Co-host / The Chemical Society of Japan

Abstract Submission

Presentation application & Abstract submission

Participants who will a give presentation at this conference are requested to apply for presentation application by Jul. 5th (Mon) Jul. 16th (Fri) Jul. 26th (Mon).
The deadline of abstract submission is also Jul. 5th (Mon) Jul. 16th (Fri) Jul. 26th (Mon)
Visit the link below for details on the presentations applications and abstract submission.

The abstract submission site has been closed. Thanks for submitting many papers.

(Additional information)
  • Jul. 12. You may see a blank second page on abstract preparation even though the manuscript fits on a single page. Complete the registration processes with no further adjustment since the program committee can handle the blank second page without any problems.

  • Jul. 12. The program committee encourages applicants to save the PDF preview file at the appropriate times. Applicants can recover the abstract submission process from unexpected troubles by dragging and dropping the PDF file onto the abstract submission page.

  • Jul. 14. If you attach a figure with a large file size, the preview page may be blank. To avoid problems, reduce the file size of the attached figure.

  • Jul. 19. Some troubles have been found on the abstract submission. See this PDF file before preparing the abstract.
  • Requirements to apply for oral and poster presentations

    There are two types of regular paper presentations; oral presentation (20 min including discussion by Zoom Meeting) and poster presentation (1 hour by Remo Conference). Oral presentations will be open for all participants to watch on-demand after each session.
    Postdocs, and Ph.D. course students are supposed to give their talks in English. Master course students are also encouraged to give a talk in English. The talks of lecture award applicants must be in English without exception.
    Poster presentation should be available for 1 hour, depending on their odd or even numbers. Poster award applicants must stay for their presentation in the entire period of the sessions (2 hours), regardless of the odd and even numbers.

    The maximum number of regular paper oral talks from a research group

    3 talks in Japanese
    3 talks in Japanese and a single talk in English
    2 talks in Japanese and 2 talks in English
    A single talk in Japanese and 3 talks in English,
    4 talks in English
    Participation of a foreign research member adds an extra slot for oral talks: the maximum number of talks from a research group will be five.
    The number of applicants for the oral presentation award is limited to 1 a research group.
    The number of applicants for the poster presentation award is limited to 1 a research group.

    <Note> Some of the speakers who enter the oral presentation might be asked to move to the poster presentation if the number of oral presentation entries exceeds the slots in the conference.

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    Organizing Committee
    Symposium Chair: Hiroshi Nakajima (Osaka City University)
    Secretary-General: Yusuke Yamada (Osaka City University)
    Phone: +81-(0)6-6605-2546